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Training Budgets – Use it or Lose it!

So here we are nearing the end of financial year AGAIN! How quickly time flies these days when our business and personal lives are so full. With the pressure on to have women in business being developed more, moved up or within the organisation, how did you go? Did you achieve what you were aiming […]

How to set your Teams up for Success with Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring focuses on the long-term success of your team. By committing to provide continuous, you are helping them grow their skills and reach their full potential. What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? Often the terms mentoring and coaching are intertwined, but they are in fact two very different methods of assisting […]

Happiness in the Workplace

I recently went to a local Business Chamber meeting where we had three speakers who were there to talk about happiness in the workplace. What I loved about this meeting is that all speakers were from different industry and each one talked about what made their workplace so good. What was great to hear was […]

Thriving in your Business and Personal Life

Over the last couple of months, I have been a road trip presenting my Step IN to your Confidence keynote to Origin Energy staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Wow, what a ride it has been! Meeting so many people in each place and the difference in participation levels was interesting and on hindsight […]

More on Quotas

You may remember some time ago, I wrote about how I didn’t agree with Quota’s. A good friend of mine who I admire greatly sent me a response which was very thought-provoking and certainly not an angle I had thought of.  He said: “In principle, your thoughts on quotas for women appears sound, however, I […]

Managing Change: A Secret Ingredient for Confidence

Did you know that if you are able to transition change well, it helps your confidence level?  Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it and yet very rarely do we help our employees (or ourselves) learn how to manage change effectively. Considering we live in a world of constant change in either our personal or business […]

I Absolutely DO NOT Agree with Quotas for Women

Quotas are a pretty topical subject to tackle the Gender Equality issue and no doubt some people would think that because I run a business called Self Confident Women I would be a supporter of Quotas. As a shareholder I expect the best people for the job to be on the Board, not just bums […]

Are you being left behind?

Since doing an intensive 3-day speaking course over the weekend, I have been amazed how it has impacted my whole life as opposed to just my ability to be a better public speaker. I have been doing a lot of contemplation since Monday about what I want to do to change the world, how I […]

Emotional Intelligence and You – Using EI to Build Your Career

Recently I attended a great talk at the Tamworth Junior Business Chamber on Emotional Intelligence and how it fits into the workplace.  Stephen Doley, the 2015 NSW Young Business Executive of the Year and Di Gray, a consultant from Armidale gave us some excellent examples of what works and doesn’t work in business today. If you […]

How Being Emotionally Intelligent Benefits Your Career & Your Business

When I look at the workplace today, it is the vital skills of Emotional Intelligence that are making and breaking businesses and careers. From chief executives of major companies to young people in their first job, everyone needs these skills to work to their full potential and help make their business and lives productive and […]

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