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So here we are nearing the end of financial year AGAIN! How quickly time flies these days when our business and personal lives are so full.

With the pressure on to have women in business being developed more, moved up or within the organisation, how did you go? Did you achieve what you were aiming for?

If not, why not?

If so, could you have done more? Could you have developed more women within your organisation?

Have you focused only on your leaders and potential leaders? Have you considered starting from the bottom up – developing your leaders from within?

At Self Confident Women – we focus on Communication and Confidence (soft skills) training.

Our online training modules are used by companies around the world.  Training is effective and affordable, covering 50 topics related to Personal and Business Confidence and Communication – an often forgotten but extremely important area when developing employees.

Higher Communication and Confidence levels equate to higher Emotional Intelligence levels in your staff. Creating and ensuring clear lines of communication, better teamwork, higher confidence levels with internal and external customers and ultimately a more profitable bottom line.

In this brief video Daniel Goleman, an expert in Emotional Intelligence discusses the value of EQ vs IQ.

Consider our annual corporate membership for all your female staff and watch the results happen!

For more information about what membership covers click here to or contact me directly before time runs out.


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