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You may remember some time ago, I wrote about how I didn’t agree with Quota’s.

A good friend of mine who I admire greatly sent me a response which was very thought-provoking and certainly not an angle I had thought of.  He said:

In principle, your thoughts on quotas for women appears sound, however, I cannot completely agree. Hiring or promoting on merit can only work successfully in a fair world.

As an example, look at political parties. You can google the percentage of women in politics in Australia compared to other countries and we are appalling behind. Indeed the Middle East, and African countries have greater women representation in their parliaments than we have.

Please don’t tell me that women in the Liberal party are so inferior to the men that they don’t get pre-selection.

Women are often overlooked for senior positions because of the entrenched boy’s club mindset in business and politics.

Even if you accept the conspiracy theory that sometimes they are set up for failure when not prepared, I would suspect that just as many men are set up for failure, or don’t succeed because the company has poor training programmes. Anyone set up for failure may also be a victim of the boy’s club theory.

It is my belief that promotion on merit can only be supported when quotas have worked sufficiently to have reasonably equal numbers to choose from.

My position supports women being equally capable of reaching their full potential by placing them in positions where merit can be fairly judged by their standing next to men. It is unfortunate that without quotas, women will never be in a position to be considered equally with male colleagues. They will never be in contention because they kept back far enough not to be seen.”

I absolutely love opening conversations to hear all points of views, it makes me a better person and the world a better place.

I’d love to hear your feedback and if you would like to have a conversation with me about your company needs, send me an email at

Until next time.

Glenise is the Owner and Director of SR Group and Self Confident Women. Her passion lies in increasing confidence and emotional intelligence levels for individuals and teams, creating higher productivity and happiness.  She is a Speaker, qualified Trainer, Advanced Consultant in Extended DISC and Coach & Mentor

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