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Recently I attended a great talk at the Tamworth Junior Business Chamber on Emotional Intelligence and how it fits into the workplace.  Stephen Doley, the 2015 NSW Young Business Executive of the Year and Di Gray, a consultant from Armidale gave us some excellent examples of what works and doesn’t work in business today.

If you don’t know anything about EI – check out this infographic which gives a great overview.

In a nutshell, EI covers 5 main areas.  The top three are about self and the other two about others.  You need to improve yourself first and then give the best of yourself to others.  It’s a continual improvement process which reaps huge benefits.



  1. Self Awareness – Knowing your internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions (NB Extended DISC behavioural profiles are brilliant in helping uncover your strengths and weaknesses)
  2. Self-Regulation – Managing your internal states, impulses and resources.  Controlling or redacting your emotional impulses
  3. Motivation – Emotional tendencies which guide or facilitate reaching your business and personal goals
  4. Empathy – Awareness of other people’s feelings, needs and concerns
  5. Adeptness at inducing desirable responses in others and managing relations ships to move people in desired directions

Companies who focus purely on IQ are living in the realm of logic, transactions and ration.  Not a particularly good strategy considering the work is done by people who have emotions.

Progressive companies who develop their managers and employees in EI create results for their business 10+ fold.

Surprising statistics say only 35% of people have a natural understanding and ability for Emotional Intelligence. Take a look around your workplace, that means 65% of your workforce are working below their potential.  Invest in EI training and you are looking at happier employees, lower staff turnover, less conflict and higher profits.

Studies have also shown that Emotional Intelligence is now a far clearer indicator of professional success and prestige.

All very good reasons to invest in your people now.  Check out our customisable training materials which focus purely on building the Emotional Intelligence levels of your Managers and employees.

You can have your in-house trainer use our prepared lesson plans, created by Subject Experts or we can come in and do it for you.

Don’t want to disrupt your workflow? Ask us about Corporate Membership so your staff can have 24×7 access to the online eLearning library.

To download your DISC Key Word guide to better communication – click here.

Glenise is the Owner and Director of SR Group and Self Confident Women. Her passion lies in increasing confidence and emotional intelligence levels for individuals and teams, creating higher productivity and happiness.  She is a speaker, qualified Trainer, Advanced Consultant in Extended DISC and Coach & Mentor


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