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The phrase ‘Psychometric Test’ sounds scary. Really this is just a word to describe the process of understanding a person’s behavioural style and the skills that can be completed with closed eyes or those that take more energy and concentration. According to The University of Auckland, a psychometric test is a standardised test designed by psychologists to measure a person’s mental performance and identify their personality type to determine their behaviours and potential.

Psychometric tests are commonly made up of multi-choice questions which explore your preferred behaviours, how you relate to others, your emotions at the time of testing, your ability to deal with your own emotions, and a whole host of behavioural skills and preferences.

So really, there are no right or wrong answers in psychometric tests. The best thing to do is to be as honest as possible.


Psychometric tests are statistically examined and are constructed to be objective and unbiased. They are very reliable in predicting people’s behaviours and potential performance. This is one of the reasons why Psychometric tests are a great tool for employers, recruiters or even individuals who want to know more about their own personality traits.

Psychometric tests are quick, only taking up to 10 minutes to complete. They are also inexpensive in the long run as they help to reduce overall recruitment and training costs.

Tip: Don’t try to second-guess what employers are looking for as the tests usually have built-in mechanisms to detect inconsistencies. Be yourself and follow your instinct, your first response is usually the most accurate.

How are Psychometrics used in Business?

Psychometric testing has become one the largest trends in Recruitment. Large global enterprises such as Hewlett Packard, Ford Motor Group, McDonald’s and 3M now integrate psychometric tools into their hiring processes. So, it’s no wonder that an estimated 20% of companies now use psychometric testing in their recruitment and training.

Psychometrics tests are a fantastic tool for employers to use as a part of their recruitment process as they can identify hidden aspects of candidates personalities and behaviours that are difficult to extract from a face-to-face interview. They help to determine whether a candidate is suitable for a particular role, if they are what they company needs at the time and if they will fit well into the team environment.

Psychometric tests also help to improve company culture by creating more synergetic teams. They allow team members the opportunity to really understand each other’s thinking patterns, reflexes, motivations, social skills and emotions. Sharing this information contributes to a balanced, composed, considerate and co-operative work environment.

Extended DISC Psychometric Tests

At SR Group, we use Extended DISC psychometric tests which determine clients preferred behaviour within four different main styles.

  • D = Dominance
  • I = Influence
  • S = Steadiness
  • C = Compliance

The advantage of Extended DISC is that it allows us to report on 160 different behavioural styles. Most people who complete our psychometric tests find that they do not fit into just one behavioural style, but are a mixture of two or three.

This allows for much more accurate reporting and individuals can identify exactly where they need to adjust their style or how to better interact with other styles for their own benefit.

The best thing about Extended DISC psychometric tests is that they can be customised to each client’s needs and wants. Not only can we help you design specific reports for the different departments in your organisation, we can also include your company’s own graphics and logos to personalise the reports.

Psychometric Assessments are an invaluable tool to help with recruitment efforts in selecting the best candidate for the role and developing individuals and teams within your company.

With thanks to HR Profiling Solutions for the majority of this valuable information

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