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I was recently reading through a whole lot of book reviews and noticed I kept reading the same messages again and again.  It seems, there are a few core things that when done well and done consistently, give you the competitive edge over others.

Let me share 8 of them with you.  See what you think and try the ones you feel would work for you.

  • “Pay attention to how you look”.  Whether you agree with this or not, research has shown that we automatically assign favourable traits such as talent, kindness, honesty and intelligence to good looking individuals. Furthermore, it seems, we make these judgements without being aware that physical attractiveness plays a role in the process!  Now, I know we can’t all look like Miranda Kerr or Brad Pitt, however, we can take the time to be well groomed and dressed appropriately.
  • “Focus on your strengths”  Identify what you love to do and sharpen those existing skills.  “How do I do that”, do I hear you ask?  Well, you know when it’s a strength, when you feel time just flies by and you haven’t even noticed.
  • “Define yourself” Know your Values and Principals. Write your Vision Statement and read it regularly.  This will ensure you can be firm about where you stand when the world throws options at your feet.
  • “Don’t mistake movement for achievement”  Procrastination – the killer of dreams.  If you don’t run your day, it will run you.  Have a prioritised daily plan.
  • “Relationships” Choose your friends and colleagues carefully, remembering the power of association.  The quality of your existence is determined by the quality of your relationships.
  • “Be Persistent” Great results cannot be achieved all at once.  Life will throw many things at you to push you off course.  Be tenacious and be satisified to advance in life as you walk step by step.
  • “Actions speak louder than words” Your behaviour has a far greater impact than anything you may say. Be someone others respect and can rely on.
  • “Self Discipline” This is the key to self-esteem, self-respect and personal pride.  It is also the key to happiness and success!

You are the driver of your own bus. Take control of your life’s journey and stay on track.  You won’t regret it!

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