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Extended DISC Profiling


Through Extended DISC Profiling, otherwise known as psychometric testing, we can tailor coaching to your needs.

We help create empowered, solutions focused, confident and happy staff to ensure your business gets results.

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Glenise’s Keynotes reframe Change into exactly what it is… an opportunity to move to a better place.

With over 60% of the population struggling with Change, people often see Change as a crisis situation causing stress, overwhelm, lack of productivity and ill health.

A Transition Expert, Glenise shows you how to take up new behaviours and ways of thinking to Step In and Transition Change with Confidence.


Step IN – Forward positive movement
Transition – The mental and emotional side of Change


“Step IN” is a simple and successful strategy to Transition Change through forward positive movement.

These keynotes are short, punchy and perfect for lunch and learn conversations to enable employees to go away and initiate the change they need.

 If you’re looking for Results… Consider our Solutions

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Innovative Solutions for Effective and Sustainable employee development

Do you have a leadership team who aren’t communicating, lost their direction or working in silos? We are passionate about enhancing personal performance through psychometric testing and coaching for individuals and teams to increase confidence and communication levels.

From concept to delivery – we listen closely to the needs of your business and then apply our diverse expertise to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment in people.


 If you’re looking for Results… Consider our Solutions



Do you have current or emerging leaders with lots of potential, who could perform better?

Performance coaching is about closing the gap between where a staff member is and where you want them to be. It assists them to clarify outcomes, manage their time better and set and achieve goals.  Their productivity and happiness levels increase dramatically.

Coaching clients report greater levels of confidence, self esteem, passion for life, enhanced relationships & a far more focused approach to their life.

If this is what you’re looking for – let us help you achieve the outcome by enhancing the personal performance of your team members.

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