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Clear Communication Creates Change: Why Communication Is Today’s Most Essential Business Skill

Communication falls into the key area of PROBLEM. Often when there’s a problem, it comes back to ineffective Communication. Here are some tips how you can Step IN once you have identified the PROBLEM as Communication. Communication is at the forefront and a fundamental role in all facets of business, internally and externally; face-to-face chats, […]

Training Budget – Use it or lose it!

Don’t you just love end of financial year?  Working out how you went for the previous year and where the money will be allocated for the next financial year to get the biggest bang for the buck. Every department head will be after more or at least the same amount of money as last financial […]

The Art to Being Open to Opportunities; They Shall Not Pass

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” ~Unknown We have all heard the stories about the person who is “in the right place at the right time.” We have those friends or a mortal nemesis that walk into the perfect job or achieve the right promotion; they get […]

Problem Identification in Business; The 7 Pillars to Getting to the Real Problem therefore, Solution

As long as consumers have problems or issues, they will always search for solutions, the best keys to the solution. People will always look for better, faster and smarter ways to solve everyday tasks or problems. Problem Recognition Strange as it may seem, even your customers don’t always know they have a problem or a […]

Crisis Management for Your Business – Use Crisis to Create Occasion

Companies spend years and a lot of effort in building their brand, establishing their reputation. Then problem and or crisis hits; overnight, brand, CEOs and their teams are under siege. When it comes to managing a serious problem or crisis, every second counts. These days our clients, potential customers, staff and stakeholders are demanding new […]

Thriving in your Business and Personal Life

Over the last couple of months, I have been a road trip presenting my Step IN to your Confidence keynote to Origin Energy staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Wow, what a ride it has been! Meeting so many people in each place and the difference in participation levels was interesting and on hindsight […]

Having the Confidence to Do Things Differently and Teaming it with Outstanding Customer Service

Recently I had two weeks holiday in Singapore. For the first 9 nights we stayed at the Hotel Vagabond.  It’s been open for less than 12 months and created by pulling together a line of shop-houses. We’ve stayed in Singapore a couple of times – in the city and also over towards Chinatown, so we were […]

Are you being left behind?

Since doing an intensive 3-day public speaking course over the weekend, I have been amazed how it has impacted my whole life as opposed to just my ability to be better at public speaking. I have been doing a lot of contemplation since Monday, about what I want to do to change the world, how […]

Emotional Intelligence and You – Using EI to Build Your Career

Recently I attended a great talk at the Tamworth Junior Business Chamber on Emotional Intelligence and how it fits into the workplace.  Stephen Doley, the 2015 NSW Young Business Executive of the Year and Di Gray, a consultant from Armidale gave us some excellent examples of what works and doesn’t work in business today. If you […]

Charity Begins at Home

“Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, DO better” Mary Angelou Recently I spent some time training employees and volunteers at One of a Kind, a company run by leaders who walk their talk.  Formerly Lifeline Northwest NSW, they broke off from the National body as they saw […]

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