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It doesn’t matter what position you hold, without the means or the desire to grow and learn, you will at some point lose interest in the task and come to a creative standpoint. As an employee, you must ensure that your staff not only understand this, but that they are willing to consistently develop their skills and push the boundaries of their talents. Their happiness and motivation will not only improve, but your company will benefit from their continuous willingness to learn.

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Individuals who have a fixed mindset believe that their skillset cannot change and don’t take the time or effort to learn new skills or better themselves. A growth mindset, however, enables individuals to be always on the lookout to improve themselves and their potential.

Developing a Growth Mindset

The great thing about a growth mindset is that it can be taught. Those who operate from a fixed mindset perspective will need to be challenged and educated on the benefit of developing their skills and their approach to learning. Some of the things you can do to help your team understand their potential are as follows:

  • Make learning a priority for all staff
  • Convey the importance of challenges regardless of their form
  • Acknowledge the efforts of all staff
  • Constructive criticism should be a learning process for all
  • Continuously raise the bar once goals are met

The Importance of Great Feedback

To help staff take risks willingly, they need to know that someone has their back each step of the way. That is why communication and feedback is so conducive to a growth mindset. Your employees want to know that they have a safe space to communicate their needs and receive an evaluation of their efforts to date and in the future.

A trapeze artist always practices with a net first before they are willing to take the plunge and go it alone. You cannot expect your staff to take any kind of risk, no matter how small, without knowing that they have someone nearby to help them out should they need it.

SMART Goal Setting

Ease your team into challenges with SMART goal setting. Without goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely, your team will struggle to understand why they are even doing it in the first place. Start small and celebrate those little wins. Then when your team feels comfortable, move the goalposts ever so slightly and try again. Running before you can walk can bring about a multitude of issues for your staff and company as a whole.

Changing the culture and mindset of a company cannot be done without first removing individual reservations and stumbling blocks. As a leader of your organisation, if you want to bring about change and transform your organisation, then consider the talents of SRG Group. We not only promise solutions, but offer real and measurable results to help your team realise the benefits of embracing a growth mindset. Don’t let complacency be the norm in your business. Always aim to be better tomorrow than you were today and watch your employees thrive.

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