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You can have the most forward thinking company with the best in IT and training that money can buy. But unless your staff is open and willing to mix things up in a changeable environment, you may face difficulties in getting things implemented.

Change management handles this through a systematic approach focusing on the employee first and foremost.

What is Change Management?

When your team is happy, everyone is happy, as any great manager or leader knows. Therefore, when changes are rolled out in organisations, change management is necessary to ensure that all is happening according to plan and everyone is, at the very least, understanding of the whys and wherefores behind the change.

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach to change management as each company and the employees that work for them are very unique.

It is only through careful analysis and planning can a change management process be deemed effective.

Reactions to Change

Not everyone takes to change lightly or quickly and reactions to change can range from denial to acceptance. While this may sound extreme, there are also other responses that could take place including resistance, anger and even indifference. All of the reactions, bar acceptance, can pose issues for management who are wanting to make changes.

A business cannot implement changes without keeping its staff abreast of the situation before, during and after the process.

How Can I Ensure My Team Are Ready for Change?

Change management is more than a memo or a training course. It needs to prepare staff for change through awareness, help manage the change process and reinforce the new policies for complete clarity and understanding. If the knowledge processes are met alongside the desire for change and the ability to implement it, then you are more likely to see your plans come to fruition.

The more effective the change management process, the more favourable the success of your plans.

While your overall focus may be on organisational change, remember that this does not come about until each person within your company is willing to make the change in their day to day workload, to affect the cumulative change company-wide.

What can go wrong?

If your change management policies are not helping your cause, then you may find morale lacking. You may see a decline in productivity and an increase in stress. The worst-case scenario in all of this is that your employees will begin to leave your organisation, you may overspend on your budget and your customers may lose confidence in your ability to provide products and services. Failure to nip any of these issues in the bud can have huge ramifications on your company and your bottom line.

Change management needs to be supported from the top and the bottom to make it work. All management must be willing to step in and motivate their team to unite the corporate vision and ensure the commitment of the staff.

For assistance in positioning your company to maximise its potential, visit our website. SR Group can help you better understand your culture and behaviours resulting in an efficient and viable organisation.

I am an expert in Transitioning Change with confidence, feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss some of the challenges your company is facing.

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