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Here’s a quick snapshot on how you can identify yourself and your employees.  Please note, that very rarely is a person completely one style, we are usually a mix of 2 or more.  But each of us will have one style which is stronger and more identifiable than the others.

Only testing will show you the specific percentages of each style and where you fit but if you check out the keyword chart below, it will give you some clear indicators of what to look for and where you or others possibly sit on the chart.

It is often easier to identify a person when they are under pressure and showing the traits which can be perceived as unacceptable e.g. demanding, withdrawn, stubborn or inconsiderate. 

The acronym DISC stands for:





Traits to look out for

Once you have identified where a person fits on the quadrant, it is far easier to communicate with them and develop them to their full potential.

SR Group uses the more advanced and powerful tool, Extended DISC to enhance personal and team performance. If you would like a sample report to see what sort of valuable information it uncovers, please contact me directly.



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