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Everyone talks about how the rapid growth of new technologies impacts the way we conduct most parts of business. Most significant are the effects on Recruitment. How do we begin to navigate the barriers that are a result of innovation? We recommend Psychometric Assessments. Navigating the talent pool without an understanding of a candidate’s Behavioural Style can create costly placement errors.

When you have a complete picture of a potential hire – one that includes behavioural style – you’ll be empowered to make the best recruiting decisions possible. Psychometric Assessments like Extended DISC can offer a recruitment agency, in-house recruitment manager or adviser and even business owners themselves, exceedingly valuable information about an individual.

How is Recruitment Changing?

Advancements in technology, and other barriers to recruitment, mean that the way we select and hire candidates is changing.

  • talent geographically mobile (people are happy to move for the best job)
  • talent more demanding (in terms of pay, career progression, training & development)
  • experienced talent pool shrinking
  • recruiters competing to attract candidates across different sectors
  • graduates ‘less skilled’ (changes in degree requirements)
  • talentless loyal (every two years on average)
  • competitors smarter in mapping and attracting talent

Priorities are changing when selecting new talent. Companies look for people with ideal traits. It’s the personalities and behaviours that make employees successful, and in turn, the businesses successful. Great staff also keeps the company culture vibrant.

What a Psychometric Assessment tells us about an Individual

Psychometric Assessments provide in-depth information about potential candidates, they allow us to identify and understand different aspects of an individual, including a person’s:

  • Preferred tasks and working environment
  • Preferred communication style
  • Unconscious motivators and de-motivators
  • Behavioural strengths and weaknesses
  • Person’s energy expenditure in a role
  • Potential areas of stress
  • Preferred way to learn

Benefits of Psychometric Assessments for Recruitment Advisors

  1. Understand key points such as, strengths and weaknesses, before heading into the interview.
  2. Conduct a better, more directed and objective interview. Observe with more precision natural behavioural competencies and understand a person’s conscious adjustment through their professional experience, i.e. appearing more outgoing to make a good first impression
  3. Assess teams to better identify the recruiting needs in an organisation
  4. Identify development and potential training needs and where there may be some gaps in the strengths of the individuals
  5. Allows recruitment consultants to understand how a potential candidate will fit into the team before they are even hired (we can plot their style with the existing team to completely removes guesswork and gut instinct)
  6. Identify areas where a person is likely to be more efficient and more productive
  7. Compare the most relevant or important competencies to see if the candidate has behavioural strengths in fundamental area.

Psychometric tests help recruiters and companies to understand who individuals are before they even begin working. Once we know and understand things like a persons preferred work environment (if at home or at the office) and their development areas, we can put suitable measures into place, such as training plans. This will ensure your new recruit has the best experience possible working for the company.

If we overlook these important attributes, we may find a new recruit doesn’t enjoy the role, has to expend too much energy and therefore becomes overworked and stressed, they lose motivation, their productivity decreases or in the worst case they leave the role entirely. Psychometric Assessments can be critical to ensuring a great workplace culture.

“The first thing we look for when hiring new staff is personality. In my eyes, personality always wins over book smarts. Company knowledge and job-specific skills can be learned, but you can’t train a personality.” Richard Branson

SR Group uses the more advanced and powerful tool, Extended DISC to enhance personal and team performance. If you would like a sample report to see what sort of valuable information it uncovers, please contact me directly.

With thanks to HR Profiling for the majority of the background information in this article.

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