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DISC Styles – Improving your Performance

Following on from last month, let’s talk about improving your performance. Have you worked out who you are or identified some traits of your employees? Are you Dominant (D), an Influence (I), Steady (S), and Conscientious (C)? Remember, each style corresponds to certain behaviours which express themselves naturally in our interactions with others and help […]

Enhancing individual and team performance for increased Confidence & Communication

Here’s a quick snapshot on how you can identify yourself and your employees.  Please note, that very rarely is a person completely one style, we are usually a mix of 2 or more.  But each of us will have one style which is stronger and more identifiable than the others. Only testing will show you […]

Personality Tests vs DISC Reports

One of the things I love in my role as an Advanced Consultant of Extended DISC is focusing on enhancing individual and team performance for increased Confidence & Communication. That ah-ha moment, when you see the penny drop whether it be an individual recognising their own behaviour and how to modify it or seeing how […]


It might be hard to believe that the origins of DISC Theory can be traced back to 3 BC and the so-called “father of medicine,” Hippocrates.   Yes, that’s right. Today’s web-based automated Extended DISC® profiling can trace its core ideas back to ancient times. Originally applied to medicine, Hippocrates also applied his well-known concept […]

Myths Busted – Psychometric Testing

Personality tests, also known as personality profiles, psychometric tests or behavioural assessments, are a popular consulting and human resource tool. Personality tests are no longer just being applied to Recruitment, they are now used for all aspects of business including; Team Building, Organisational and Leadership Development, Communication, Sales Training and even Sports Coaching (just to […]

What is a Psychometric Test?

The phrase ‘Psychometric Test’ sounds scary. Really this is just a word to describe the process of understanding a person’s behavioural style and the skills that can be completed with closed eyes or those that take more energy and concentration. According to The University of Auckland, a psychometric test is a standardised test designed by […]

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