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“The key to success is to focus our minds on the things we desire”  Brian Tracy

For some reason it seems you get what you focus on most! If this is true, and it certainly proves to be time and again, that’s great news.

It means your future is purely in your own hands.  It means that no matter what happens to you, it’s how you respond and what you focus on which creates your reality.

How happy you are, how successful you are, the quality of your friends are all entirely driven by the decisions you make. ??So make the decision to stay focused on your outcome and take the action to get you there.

Really smart people also revise their progress along the way. Just as a plane adjusts its course to get to it’s destination, you too should revise your course along the way.

Ensure you are constantly monitoring what you are focused on.   Adjust if necessary, remembering that adjustment is not failure or a mistake – it’s just a learning on how not to do something next time.

So if you focus on what you want, make the appropriate decisions & adjustments and then take the steps to make it happen – Success and Happiness can definitely be yours!

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well, here’s a gentle reminder of few key skills you need to practice consistently, in order to achieve the power of focus. If you don’t have these skills already, the good news is, they are able to be learned.


Goal Setting + Time Management + Discipline = FOCUS


Now, it’s up to you to decide what you are going to focus on – the good… or the bad?

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