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Did you know that Goal Setting, Change and Behavioural Flexibility are all inter-related?

In fact, it is the ability to blend these attributes together that makes your goal setting and indeed your life a success.

I know that when we write goals, it is ideal to use the SMART formula (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely).  We put the steps in place to go from Point A (where we are now) to get us to Point B (where we want to be).

Along the way – life happens!  Opportunities arise and sometimes changes need to be made.   Now I don’t mean change for change sake – I’m talking about continuous improvement change – change for the better.

It’s this behaviourable flexibility – to be open to change – that enables you to achieve your goals or indeed deliver a goal even bigger than you had originally planned.

Change your SMART goal formula to SMARTER goals!  Add Ecological and Revisit.  Ecological means it’s good for everyone and Revisit ensure you check back to ensure you’re on track and using that behaviourable flexibility which is so important.

So this week, just check you are in fact displaying behaviourable flexibility in your life where it’s needed and not just doing things the same way, because that’s the way it’s always been done.

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