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One of the things I’m constantly amazed at is the commitment some people give to their job, however, they forget that this must be balanced with spending time with family.

Although I understand it is everyone’s individual choice about what they feel is the right balance for them.  What I find concerning is that so many parents miss their children growing up because they keep getting caught up at work.

Whether it be long hours and missing family dinners or working weekends and missing valuable family time – it just seems such a shame to me.   Not to mention that everyone needs downtime personally but that’s for another time!

Of a bigger concern to me is that a Leader needs to send very clear messages.  Clear messages of “living above the line”, of work life balance, of good time management skills etc.  And, after all that, a great leader needs to “walk their talk”.

So have a look at what sort of leader you are and assess whether you are sending the right messages.  If you’re not… guess what… you have the choice to change!

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