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While you may not think that keeping your team’s energy levels high falls under your umbrella, you will be surprised to learn that you can do a lot to improve the health and wellness of your team members and ultimately aid their success at work.

Recharge the batteries

Minimising stress and taking regular breaks will help you and your team members get through the day in one bright, happy piece. If you compare yourself to your laptop or mobile phone that is in dire need of a charge, you can feel the last essence of your energy draining by mid-afternoon and your performance will be lacking because of it. By allowing yourself adequate breaks throughout the day and giving your brain a chance to rest and refocus, you will feel better. If you see your team working more than necessary, inspire them to step away from their desks and get a breath of fresh air. It will create an effective and motivated work environment and lots more smiles in the process.

Encourage exercise

It is amazing what a bit of exercise can do for your body and your mind. Encourage exercise at work and in lunch breaks- even go so far as to start group activities such as lunchtime walking clubs or walking team meetings. Exercising together will not only make everyone feel great, but it can also create some wonderful out of the box thinking opportunities. More exercise will promote excellent brain health, reduce stress and even improve the sleep patterns of everyone. Its benefits far overlap the time expended to do the exercise and will help ensure that everyone is fighting fit to tackle whatever work comes their way. Funnily enough, increasing the level of exercise throughout the day will actually give your team more energy to do their jobs.

Opt for healthy snacks

When we are tired, we instinctively reach for the coffee and the doughnuts. As a manager, you can ensure that there is a cold water fountain on hand and an array of healthy snacks. Endorsing healthy eating, particularly during breakfast and lunch meetings, will make sure that your team is not reaching for the heavy carbs and sugars and they will have enough brain power and energy to get them through the afternoon. Even the smallest dietary changes can bring about significant results. If you find that your team is skipping breakfast to get to work, as an example, then suggest healthy breakfast meetings to help support better health habits.

Promote overall wellness

Suggest your team take regular time off to relax and recharge and to see the doctor for their medical checkups. Give incentives to go to the gym or hand out flex time if your team has been putting in the extra effort to get that project done on time. These efforts will all compound together to increase the overall energy levels of your team and help maintain their motivation. The health and wellbeing of your staff depend on your ability to recognise that without healthy habits, the work just won’t be up to par.

Health and wellness are important for the whole team. To learn more strategies to benefit your team and the overall energy in the office, then get in touch. The future of your company and the success of your team might even depend upon it.

Until next time.

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