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In the business world, we are often so focused on the end result or the profit margin, that issues like creativity often get pushed to the side. However, creativity must have a central position in the way we do business for innovation to thrive.

Make creativity a priority

Creativity is not just for the artists, musicians and writers. It has a firm foothold in the workplace through original thought, problem-solving, imagination and inspiration. If you have a team who is willing to take risks and embrace spontaneous thinking,  you will start to see better results.

Don’t wait for the inspiration to find your team. Instead, inspire them to access their channels of creativity. The more creative your team is, the less they will stop acting out of fear and self-imposed limitations. Your team will become divergent thinkers, able to develop multiple options for problems rather than single solutions which may miss the mark. As a leader, it is up to you to nurture creativity and propose opportunities.

Break out the brainstorming

Brainstorming in a collaborative environment can impact your future business in so many wonderful ways. It can open up new doors and develop ideas which would never have been thought of in a traditional business environment.

Teamwork will improve as individual members begin to see the results which they helped to implement. Rather than tell them what you want them to do, let them brainstorm in a non-judgemental environment. That in itself can be incredibly motivating for your team and empower them to think bigger. Your team will become even more committed to performing better as they see the results it can provide. When the word “no” or “impossible” is taken out of the equation, there is more scope to develop ideas without fear or reprimand.

T is for teamwork

Teams who work together for a clear purpose will be more effective than those who are solely focused on their own responsibilities and tasks. Consider creating a set of rules to guide your team. This will ultimately require you and your team to come up with a set of collaborative goals and responsibilities. Creativity in the workplace works best when everyone understands their part in the mission.

When placed in the right situation and given the best tools for the job, your team will instinctively look to innovation. Opportunity and guidance will motivate them to perform.

Create risk takers

Trust is a major part of the relationship between a leader and their team. It prompts them to do their best without the fear of someone constantly looking over their shoulder or assessing their actions. It enables your team to act with confidence and take the necessary risks which comes with creative thinking.

While it can be difficult for analytical thinkers to tap into their creative zones, it will come with practice and support. Your team will soon learn that exposing themselves to new experiences will help their creativity to blossom. When you take away the rigid thought patterns and daily work habits, their curiosity will grow. Helping your team to increase their creative thinking and reach their full potential is one of the best things you can do as a leader or manager.

If you would like more information on developing creativity or creative problem-solving, SR Group offers a professional training library to encourage your team and improve their skills.

Learning should be a continuous part of your team’s growth and skill set, and they will be more willing to tackle new ideas and opportunities when it is being implemented by a supportive and engaging organisation.

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