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Lessons in Leadership from the All Blacks

Even before they won the 2015 Rugby World Cup final, the New Zealand All Blacks were regarded as the most successful professional sports team in history. They have won 77% of test matches, however in the professional era they have won a staggering 84% of test matches, while from 2010 through until 2015 the number […]

Personality Tests vs DISC Reports

One of the things I love in my role as an Advanced Consultant of Extended DISC is focusing on enhancing individual and team performance for increased Confidence & Communication. That ah-ha moment, when you see the penny drop whether it be an individual recognising their own behaviour and how to modify it or seeing how […]

Helping Your Team Thrive Through Change

You can have the most forward thinking company with the best in IT and training that money can buy. But unless your staff is open and willing to mix things up in a changeable environment, you may face difficulties in getting things implemented. Change management handles this through a systematic approach focusing on the employee […]


It might be hard to believe that the origins of DISC Theory can be traced back to 3 BC and the so-called “father of medicine,” Hippocrates.   Yes, that’s right. Today’s web-based automated Extended DISC® profiling can trace its core ideas back to ancient times. Originally applied to medicine, Hippocrates also applied his well-known concept […]

Myths Busted – Psychometric Testing

Personality tests, also known as personality profiles, psychometric tests or behavioural assessments, are a popular consulting and human resource tool. Personality tests are no longer just being applied to Recruitment, they are now used for all aspects of business including; Team Building, Organisational and Leadership Development, Communication, Sales Training and even Sports Coaching (just to […]

What is a Psychometric Test?

The phrase ‘Psychometric Test’ sounds scary. Really this is just a word to describe the process of understanding a person’s behavioural style and the skills that can be completed with closed eyes or those that take more energy and concentration. According to The University of Auckland, a psychometric test is a standardised test designed by […]

How to Develop a Culture of Growth Mindset and Learning

It doesn’t matter what position you hold, without the means or the desire to grow and learn, you will at some point lose interest in the task and come to a creative standpoint. As an employee, you must ensure that your staff not only understand this, but that they are willing to consistently develop their […]

Three Ways to Create Collaborative Teams

While you want to foster employees who can carry out tasks by themselves and complete solo projects, collaborative teams and teamwork should always remain high on the priority list. Great leaders understand that their success lies firmly in the success of those operating with them and individuals should also possess this same gauge to measure […]

Unconscious Bias

Regardless of how unbiased you think you are, each one of us is guilty of harbouring an unconscious bias at one time or another. Unconscious bias is the bias which is handled by our subconscious mind and which you don’t even know you are basing many of your decisions on. But you are. And when […]

How to Deliver the Good and the Bad

As a manager, there will be a time when you have to give feedback – both good and bad. Constructive criticism is part and parcel of being a leader, although it is imperative you understand how to deliver the news to avoid offending or wasting a valuable teaching opportunity. Start with the good and ease […]

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