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Santa’s reindeer are some of the most diverse group of deer. What are their DISC personality styles and how will these play out in the lead up to the big day, Christmas.


Workplaces operate like teams: during challenging periods, everyone must come together to complete projects on time. Especially during the hectic holiday season. Success transpires due to the mix of skills, abilities, and personalities, all working toward a common goal. To illustrate the DISC personalities, let’s imagine that Santa’s reindeer are busy training to ensure the toys for children all over the world are delivered on time. It’s a race against the clock, and they’re hurrying to increase their fitness and endurance.


Dasher – D Style – The Fastest Reindeer

“Look there she is, did you see her fly past?” is often the phrase people say when Dasher is around. She’s definitely the fastest and most competitive reindeer of Santa’s pack. You’ll find her right behind Rudolf leading Santa and the reindeer crew.


Dasher is motivated when she’s busy getting things done. Dasher understands the pressure riding on her and sometimes wishes the other reindeer realised too, then they might work harder! She’s always busy with reindeer things and training the other reindeer for the big day, December 25th.


Dancer – I Style – The Party Reindeer

Dancer is a reindeer with a quirky personality, he’s completely extroverted. When he’s not helping Santa, he throws dance parties for the other reindeer and elves. Whenever any of the reindeer or elves have a birthday, Dancer is the one to organise the party. Everyone loves Dancer’s parties as he always goes above and beyond with the decorations. He is popular among the reindeer and elves and just loves getting his friends together and having a good time with them.


Task repetition is not Dancer’s strong suit, especially if he’s involved in training runs all day in preparation for Christmas. Dancer needs a social outlet to distract him from the repetitive nature of the task and alleviate boredom, being part of Santa’s reindeer pack is ideal for Dancer. He gets to meet creatures all over the world!


Comet – S Style – The Reindeer who Brings People Together

Comet is an all-around great girl; she doesn’t need to be the centre of attention but loves being in groups. You will often find Comet in the kitchen baking for all her reindeer friends to bring them together.


Comet is laid-back, honest and most importantly loves helping others. All the elves look up to Comet as she is never thinking of herself and always making sure everyone is having a good time. She is often referred to as the “mum” of the group, as she always ensures tasks are completed and thinks of her close friends as family.


Comet dislikes when the other reindeer, especially Dasher, have debates about the order of Santa’s reindeer. She is just happy to be involved!


Blitzen – C Style – The Analytical Reindeer

Blitzen is the most cool, calm and collected of Santa’s reindeer. Blitzen got his nickname from a young age, he started to test his abilities. He began flying younger than any of Santa’s Reindeer. Practice makes perfect for Blitzen, he always wants to ensure he has the most accurate flying technique.


The hustle and bustle of Christmas can often stress Blitzen out. This year he’s happily helping Santa with the reporting and statistics side of flying. Blitzen plans the most efficient route for the big day based on the seasons and time zones. He’s grateful for the solitary, quiet nature of this particular job.


Santa has selected a competent team of reindeer. He plays to their strengths to ensure the job is done. Every child will wake up to presents under the tree on Christmas morning.


Would you consider Santa a blend of Dominant, Influence and Steady DISC Styles? He doesn’t seem to be task-oriented (that’s why he’s got a crew of elves and reindeer!). Santa loves getting to meet all the children in the lead up to Christmas, and he drives results. He needs to get all those presents delivered by the 25th each year, after all.


This year, the rigorous training of the reindeer will help keep Santa on track so he can visit everyone’s home on Christmas Eve. After the challenges of the busy holiday season, Santa looks forward to recuperating with Mrs Claus and a few close friends in the North Pole.


SR Group uses the more advanced and powerful tool, Extended DISC to enhance personal and team performance. If you would like a sample report to see what sort of valuable information it uncovers or would like more information, please contact me directly.


Wishing you all a happy holiday, from the team at SR Group.


With thanks to HR Profiling for the majority of the background information in this article.

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