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I think it’s very interesting how we feel that ‘change’ is a thing that is almost out of our control and happens ‘to’ us, rather than just accepting it as part of life. Because really, it is part of life – change happens every minute of every day – at home, at work, in the community!

Another interesting thing is how a lot of us feel that ‘managing change’ is a difficult thing to do.

If you think about my previous statement ‘that change happens every minute of every day’ we must actually be very good at managing change or nothing would ever get done. ??How you manage change is not about the ‘event’, it’s all about how you feel about yourself.

Have you noticed that people who have high self-confidence manage change well?  Have you noticed how people who know what their purpose in life is manage change well?  Have you also noticed that people who are accountable and responsible for their actions… yes, you’ve got it… manage change well!  ??They say success leaves clues!

So it must mean that if you master these skills (and there’s certainly no reason why you can’t, they are all learnable!) you too could manage change easily and effortlessly.

Think about identifying an area of your life that you would like to be better in.  Learn the skill then practice, practice and practice some more until it becomes second-nature.

I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well you respond next time something out of the ordinary happens or when you are asked to change direction with some task.

So now it’s up to you – up-skill and manage change well in the future; or stay the same – exhausted, frustrated and stressed.

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