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Step IN – Leveraging Crisis to Create Opportunity is the title of my Keynote Speech.

I’ve moved 37 times!

Throughout my whole life and career, I have spent a large portion of it literally starting again somewhere new or helping people get from where they are to where they want to be.

Crisis – doesn’t have to be life threatening. In the dictionary, the definition usually refers to a ‘crucial or decisive moment or turning point’. Something we all go through at some time in our lives.

So when I say Leveraging Crisis to Create Opportunity – it means Leveraging your Crucial or Decisive Moment or Turning Point into Opportunity.

That’s what I do. That’s what I use my experience and all the tools I have in my toolbox for. I often go into companies to assist in one area and then as results are seen, get absorbed into other departments.

It’s fun, it’s fulfilling and often hard work – particularly for those who work with me because I have been known to be brutally honest. But when they get the light-bulb moment – it is priceless.

I recently bumped into a Supervisor from a company I’m currently working with. He told me proudly how he’s now teaching his team what I’ve taught him and how it has increased and continues to increase communication and engagement levels. It certainly made my day!

This year my blogs are going to focus on the three key areas I speak about in my Keynote. This is how I tackle everything in my life, personally and professionally. Problem, Plan, Persevere.

I will be covering the personal and business side of these important areas encompassing Crisis, Turning Points and Creating Opportunities.

It’s a tried and true method. I know, I have used this 3-step process unconsciously and consciously 37 times to move, settle in and start up again in new Suburbs, Towns, States and Countries. And many more times in companies I have worked with over the years.

Here’s to a future of forward, movement of embracing crisis, creating opportunity and to Stepping IN.

Until next time.

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