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Glenise’s Keynotes reframe Change into exactly what it is… an opportunity to move to a better place.


With over 60% of the population struggling with Change, people often see Change as a crisis situation causing stress, overwhelm,
lack of productivity and ill health.

A Transition Expert, Glenise shows you how to take up new behaviours and ways of thinking to Step In and Transition Change with Confidence.


Step IN – Forward positive movement

Transition – The mental and emotional side of Change


“Step IN” is a simple and successful strategy to Transition Change through forward positive movement


 If you’re looking for Results… Consider our Solutions

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Transition Expert, Glenise Anderson will show you how to assess your life and the steps to take to confidently transition every change you face whether it be in your business or personal life. Fill in your details below to receive your free one-page worksheet Step IN – Transitioning Change with Confidence.

Step IN

Transitioning Change With Confidence


Glenise Anderson lives and breathes her message teaching thousands to Step IN. With a huge lack of confidence particularly in women, Glenise’s message will inspire action and will transform behaviours to allow a new generation to be more confident, competent and charismatic.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. The 3 Ps to Step IN no matter what issues arise
  2. The blueprint to building confidence every day
  3. How to become strong and courageous under high pressure

What Would Wonder Woman Do?


In this facilitated session, Glenise engages the audience to share their experiences and how to use the traits of Wonder Woman to increase Confidence and Communication skills.

Learn how to recognise your own, and others, behavioural styles and what to do to alleviate stress when the going gets tough.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. How to identify and manage different communication styles
  2. How to Step IN and live ‘above the line’
  3. Quick ways to boost your confidence levels

Would you like to get your employees together
for a Lunch and Learn opportunity?

Glenise is available for speaking engagements for businesses, associations, public seminars and events and industry specific trainings.

Glenise is the author of 14 ebooks, 5 Key Strategies to Engage and Retain Women in the Workplace, 12 Tips to Empower You for Success and the balance based topics covered in her internationally recognised Self Development Program for Women.

Through her dynamic talks, Glenise draws on her personal experiences and those of others, to share with audiences the essential elements of confidence, leadership and human behaviour.

Glenise brings enormous enthusiasm, insight and energy to her presentations using facts and information to help your audience emotionally identify with the message and the need to alter behaviours, modify strategies or feel transformed.

Are you ready to STEP IN?