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Seminars and Training

“We help create Empowered, Solutions Focussed, Confident, Happy Employees”

Our team of highly qualified trainers also have a performance coaching background.

We have a selection of training courses available or we can tailor, create and train to your specific business requirements.

Whether it is via webinar, face-to-face, cutting-edge-learning or a combination of these, we can help you deliver effective and sustainable learning.

We apply our diverse expertise to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment in people and technology.

Staff turnover is very costly – both in time and money.  So don’t wait until employees are promoted before you develop them.  Start with your existing talent now and assist them to be successful wherever they are in your organisation.

Well trained employees are confident, happy and very importantly, extremely productive.

SR Group offers tailored training and seminars on an array of topics covering Confidence, Communication and Teamwork.

If you are looking to engage your team or create a good culture within your workplace contact Glenise Anderson to discuss your needs.