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Tender Co-ordination & Delivery

Tender coordinationDo you burn the candle right to the last minute trying to get your tender documents together and have no energy or time to get them copied, collated and delivered on time – we can help.

Perhaps you’re based remotely and need to get the documents delivered into the city and can’t spare the time or money by putting an employee on a plane – we can do it for you! All documents are professionally produced, quality reviewed and delivered into the tender box in time.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1 – Contract us

2 – Give us the documents

3 – We do the rest – print, collate, bind and deliver

“The team at SR Group have been assisting with the co-ordination and delivery of our tenders. ┬áHer graphic design skills have greatly helped in putting together these important documents. ┬áKatie’s professional manner and eye for detail ensures our projects are completed and delivered on time.”

Brenton Wilson, Mastermyne Tender Co-ordinator.

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