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Innovative Training for Support Staff

“We help create Empowered, Solutions Focussed, Confident & Happy Female Support Staff”


Would you like to be perceived as a responsible and attractive employer with employees who are enthusiastic, well-trained and stay with your company long-term?

Save time, frustration and money by not having to constantly deal with employee issues and staff turnover?


Give your employees the opportunity to optimise their strengths, bolster their confidence and become an effective professional in the workplace

Don’t wait until employees are promoted before you develop them.  Start with your existing talent and create a strong, stable foundation for your business. Assist your female staff to be successful, wherever they are in your organisation by providing them with on-line training which can be done at any time of day or used in a “Lunch and Learn” team development session.

Well trained employees are confident, happy and extremely productive.


“Success is defined by a lot more than just getting good grades.  An individual’s academic success, well-being & mental health depends not only on traditional qualifications but by also nurturing non-traditional attributes like Self Confidence, Discipline and Determination.  It’s not enough to be good at English and Maths if you can’t handle the pressures of what life throws at you” ~ Prince William


Confidence and Communication eLearning for Support Staff

We provide unlimited access to 50+ topics through online training and eBooks which increase EQ, communication and confidence levels through our sister-company Self Confident Women.


If you are looking to develop the women in your workplace in Confidence, Communication, Emotional Intelligence and other Soft Skills using online learning, download our eBook “Emotional Intelligence & Your Career”


or speak with Glenise Anderson directly regarding Annual Corporate Membership.


Companies around the world such as Hertz, Tupperware, Toyota, Women of Excellence and Tupperware have given access to this training to their staff members to help them create happier, healthier personal and professional lives*.

*Please note these companies receive their training directly through our supplier

Take a look at what’s inside!