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“Clarity Reduces Stress”


Do you have current or potential leaders with lots of potential, but who aren’t performing as you would like them to?


Performance coaching is about closing the gap between where a staff member is and where you want them to be.


It assists them to clarify outcomes, manage their time better and set and achieve goals.  Their productivity and happiness levels increase dramatically.


Coaching clients report greater levels of confidence, self esteem, passion for life, enhanced relationships & a far more focused approach to their life.


If this is what you’re looking for – let us help you achieve the outcome by enhancing the personal performance of your team members.



“Confidence is the #1 characteristic of successful business people”


Someone I know and trust referred me to Glenise after learning I was looking for some coaching. I needed new strategies to make sense of and deal with a very difficult work situation that my team and I found ourselves in after a wide-ranging restructure. Glenise carefully matched me with one of her coaches (who turned out to be a perfect fit) and I had some profiling done (which gave new insights even though I’ve had a lot of profiling over the years!). What I appreciated most was Glenise, my coach+my profiler’s collective willingness and generosity in patiently answering all of my many Qs before I signed up. It gave me confidence to know what I was getting myself in for and realism about outcomes: both of which are key to success.

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