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Training Budget – Use it or lose it!

Don’t you just love end of financial year?  Working out how you went for the previous year and where the money will be allocated for the next financial year to get the biggest bang for the buck. Every department head will be after more or at least the same amount of money as last financial […]

2017 – the Year to Step IN

Step IN – Leveraging Crisis to Create Opportunity is the title of my Keynote Speech. I’ve moved 37 times! Throughout my whole life and career, I have spent a large portion of it literally starting again somewhere new or helping people get from where they are to where they want to be. Crisis – doesn’t […]

Emotional Intelligence and You – Using EI to Build Your Career

Recently I attended a great talk at the Tamworth Junior Business Chamber on Emotional Intelligence and how it fits into the workplace.  Stephen Doley, the 2015 NSW Young Business Executive of the Year and Di Gray, a consultant from Armidale gave us some excellent examples of what works and doesn’t work in business today. If you […]

Happiness comes BEFORE Success

 “Happiness is an Inside Job”  William Arthur Ward  The latest statistics coming out around unhappiness and depression rates are staggering. The World Health Organisation now predicts depression will be the #1 cause of illness by 2016.  It will overtake cancerThey state 45% of workers are unhappy in their jobs and the mean onset age of […]

Is your Assertiveness Seen as Aggression?

I would be very rich if I had a dollar for the number of times I have heard how men are assertive but the same traits in a woman are perceived as aggressive. It’s frustrating, not fair and just damn annoying – right?  Well, we know life isn’t fair, so you need to get over that. Frustrating […]

The Value of a Black Sheep

Some months ago, I met a high energy General Manager from a male dominated industry.  Although it was a social event, we did talk a little about work and I walked away inspired by his enthusiasm and vision.  I was thrilled when he contacted me and engaged me to do some work with the women […]

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